Dustjacket Books and Treasures

Dustjacket Books and Treasures is located in a Mall in the heart of downtown Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and opened in 1996. We are located in the Maritime Mall which is on Barrington St. facing Spring Garden Road. We have an area of over 2000 square feet and carry a wide variety of Used books from recent best seller paperbacks to scarce hard to find hard covers. We also carry a few records and some collectibles. We do not specialize but have strength in books of the Atlantic Provinces, Military, Nautical, Gardening, crafts, fishing, cuisine and childrens.
Our Store Service

We have three full-time staff and take pride in providing service in the store by answering questions or helping people find the section or book they are looking for. Each of us are capable of answering any questions you may have but Renee is our specialist in recent bestselling authors, childrens' books and finding books in the store. Jeremy looks after our internet sales and is the packaging and shipping expert; he also handles most of the counter sales and telephone calls. Chris does most of the buying.

Contact Details

Business/Trading Name:Dustjacket Books and Treasures
Address:1505 Barrington Street
 Maritime Mall Level B2
Post/Zip Code:B2J 3K5
Currency Used:United States Dollars (USD$)
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