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Bong Bong Books

What can I say? Bong Bong Books is the bookshop to which all others aspire. At Bong Bong Books, you will find no specialty catalogues, no being pestered by emails notifying you of books that may be of interest, no sub-catagories, no outlandish descriptions to try and hide the wood with the trees. At Bong Bong Books we believe that YOU, the book buyer experience the whole exciting book buying experience. Unsullied by biased bookseller interference.

We liken it to that wonderful old experience of finding an old box of books in a bookshop, pulling everything out, not knowing what you are going to find but hoping for a treasure. This is the feeling we want you to have every time a parcel arrives from Bong Bong Books.

Brigadier Peter McMahon - Commanding Officer.

Contact Details

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Business/Trading Name:Bong Bong Books
Address:3 / 242 Bong Bong Street
Post/Zip Code:2576
Currency Used:United States Dollars (USD$)
Email address:
Phone:+61 2 4677 0753